Workshop Social Media

Social media play an ever greater role in our lives. Being active on social media is a must for brands.

But social media require a different approach than traditional media. How do you use social media for your brand or organisation? What tools do you need to know? How do you interpret the results of Facebook and Instagram Insights? How does advertising on social media work? What are the trends of today and tomorrow? You will learn everything you need to know in the SMART SOCIAL workshop.

This tailor-made workshop focuses on all social media aspects: from overall strategies to practical tips & tricks. Together we will outline a clear social-media plan for your brand or organisation. We have compiled examples of best & worst practices on social media to serve as inspiration. This workshop is perfect if you want to learn how to use your social media channels in an effective and fun way. For more information please email us.


Fill in the contact form in or call 070 3307575.

From 90 minutes to a whole day (depending on your needs and wishes)
From 3 to 30 participants