Sound and Vision The Hague has two of its own online event platforms. One lends itself to simple events with chats and polls, the possibilities are endless with the other.
Own brandingxx
Chats, pollsxx
Moderator screen xx
Break-out sessions/subsessiesx
Registration modulex
Connection to social media or websitex
Possibility with and without logging inx
Extensive statisticsx
Possibility without registrationx



From €295

This online platform is aimed at the customer who is looking for an easy platform for a simple webinar. Not an abundance of options, but a clear overview with a number of easy interaction tools. Streaming and chatting is central! Without complicated login or registration. Public or password protected.

The platform is easy to adapt to your own corporate identity. We translate your training, event or product presentation into a valuable online experience. Visitors can chat, vote via polls and watch your webinar, online event or hybrid event.


Streaming in the platform itself

By means of a simple streaming key you are online in no time. This allows you to switch quickly. No complicated hassle with an external streaming, but directly in the platform itself.

Log in or not

The platform is easily accessible via a URL and works in all browsers. Visitors do not need to register or log in and can chat right away. Do you want to shield your stream? This can be done by means of a password. This way you can also see who is logged in.

Chat & Poll

Each stream is provided with a chat and poll function. Everyone can chat and as a moderator you can put polls online. You can also vote on a poll with a simple click.

Cue screen

The result of the poll is communicated to the presenter via a cue screen. All chat messages also appear on the cue screen. The cue screen is easy to open in a browser and can be read on any tablet on a laptop.


Do you want to provide your event with your own branding? No problem! Colors and logos can be adapted to your corporate identity. The adjustments can be made in the cms system and are immediately visible on the platform.

Link with social media or website

Do you also want to publish your webinar or online event live on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example? Noblecast offers the solution. Do you prefer to broadcast via your own website? No problem, we provide you with an Iframe that you can easily place on your own website.



From € 695

Our clear and user-friendly event platform is your online event location with endless possibilities. This is where all information and interaction comes together: from program to break-out rooms, from chats to streams.

Registration module

We also offer a registration module including the option to pre-register for break-out sessions. We send the invitation and registration link.


Sub-sessions and round table sessions for which participants have registered are automatically streamed from the platform. This way, speakers can fully focus on the content. Participants are automatically returned to the plenary part after the session.


It is a true paradise for moderators who are logged into our platform behind the scenes. Due to the easy structure you can immediately see where you can do what and you can easily communicate with your participants. Want to quickly send a message to your presenter? You can!

Completely package

Would you like us to take care of your hybrid or online? Then engage us not only for our beautiful (studio) spaces, but also for our knowledge and delivery of technology and platform. We are happy to give you advice and more information.