17 september 16:00 - 16:30 uur

Live Opening

On 17 September, we will celebrate the opening of the media museum Sound & Vision in The Hague. Watch the festive live stream: 16:00–16:30 hours (CEST).

The media? We are all part of it. Like it or not, we are all consumers, users, participants, content creators or the subjects of the media.

Journalists, the media, the authorities and we ourselves are all part of a constant power play for attention. This game is both interesting and complex. Does everyone play by the rules? What exactly are the rules and who makes them?

Our Media Museum focuses on this interplay of forces. Visit us and discover your views … and your own role.

Teddy Turnt is a public speaker from The Hague and spoken word artist. Through his thought-provoking performances he offers the audience different perspectives on society and political matters. Earlier this year, he gave a performance during our debate “Ode to Press Freedom … 5 years after Charlie Hebdo”. Teddy Turnt has written a text on modern life in media especially for the opening, with the emphasis on our lives, feelings, behaviour and existence. 

Lara Nuberg is the presenter of our livestream. She is a researcher, editor, writer, producer, audio content creator and moderator. She writes, speaks and creates (audio) stories about colonial history and identity. Her work has been published – among others – in Dutch magazines, Moesson and Pinda*, and newspapers de Volkskrant and Het Parool. She also regularly publishes articles on her blog gewooneenindischmeisje.nl. Her book ‘The Journey of Belonging’, which Lara co-authored with the Indonesian author Lala Bohang, was published in January 2020. On 25 September she will moderate our talkshow Views on the Dutch East Indies  together with Dutch singer, Dinand Woesthoff.