News Literacy

It is important to be well-informed. It helps you to know what is important to you and which choices you want to make in life. But it becomes problematic when messages that question reliable information are widely spread on social media. How can you develop your own opinion if you only hear one side of a story? We live in a world where disinformation influences us and, according to some, even threatens democracy and societal relationships.

Sound & Vision in The Hague uses News Literacy as the basis of most of its activities. In workshops, seminars and in our museum. With our own Coordinator and Researcher News Literacy we gather knowledge in this area of expertise and work together with many partners to promote News Literacy.

How does Sound & Vision in The Hague handle this?

The exhibition in our mediamuseum explains how news is produced and who can influence this process. You’ll discover the choices behind news, but also which role you play based on your media behaviour.

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Education workshops

We offer several workshops for schools based on News Literacy. At the moment only the Fake News workshop is available in English. But we are currently working on expanding our International workshop range.

Fake news

In this workshop, students are trained to deal with fake news and disinformation, by using the methods and philosophies of our partner DROG. The students learn about the techniques and mechanisms hidden behind the world of disinformation and they will create and spread fake news themselves.


In our aim to spread awareness on News Literacy, Sound & Vision in The Hague collaborates with platforms which share knowledge about this subject with various audiences. On the Dutch website you learn how easily you can come across fake news and how you can recognise it. We provide stories for this useful website full of tips and tricks. See below for an overview of our partners.