How to gain more from your Hybrid and Online event

Over the past months we have gotten used to organising online events. From a simple video to a complete studio with presenters and speakers. Connecting with your viewers is key to any event. Below follow seven tips to help give your online event a ‘live’ feeling.

Tip 1: Catering in the room and at home
Catering is always an important part of any event. A lot of effort is put into the presentation and quality of the lunch or drinks. Good food and drinks help improve the ambiance, and give your event the appeal that it deserves. Why not also give your online viewers this experience? Many caterers can prepare delicious dishes and have them delivered. If you want to organise a hybrid event, it’s a great idea to serve both the audience in the room and at home the same lunch or snacks.

Tip 2: Advance notice by mail

Want to get viewers in the mood for your broadcast? Send them the event programme and maybe also a fun gimmick they can use during the event a few days before the event itself. People also enjoy receiving a thank you note for participating.

Tip 3: Stay in touch
The non-engagement of an online event is a lot greater than with a live event. Make sure you stay in touch with your viewers as much as possible. Send them a countdown or use a handy text message tool to remind viewers when the event will begin. Also send viewers a ‘thank you’ message a few minutes after the event.

Tip 4: Involve and activate the participants
There is always a risk that your viewers will drop out during the event. Actively involve them by asking questions, organising a poll or asking their input. The possibilities are endless. 

Tip 5: Short and to the point
The average offline event takes up to four hours or longer, the ‘live effect’ will help to keep your audience engaged. An online four-hour broadcast is much too long. Make sure your event doesn’t take longer than one or two hours. Alternatively, create multiple broadcasts.

Tip 6: Use breakout sessions

Organise a breakout session during your online event. Participants give their preferences in advance and can participate live in one of the sessions. After the breakout, you will return to the plenary part.

Tip 7: Use social media

Create a buzz for your online event on social media. Take photos and record short videos during the event and post them on different social channels. Ask participants to be active and share their photos and videos during the event. Participants will keep posting if they notice that they receive lots of reactions and likes to their posts.

We hope these seven tips provide enough inspiration to make your online event a success with good content, and lots of interaction.

Want more information on how to organise a good hybrid or online event and want to know more about the technical aspects involved? Please contact Sound and Vision The Hague, or click here for more information.