Support Free Press in Ukraine

Over the past decade, Ukraine has become a regional forerunner in journalism and press freedom. The country implemented an ambitious press freedom reform programme. Now, in the wake of Russia’s invasion, the future of the country, and of its independent media, is in grave danger.

Factual, independent information is vital to understanding what’s happening during this conflict. Because this is the kind of war that uses disinformation, propaganda and spreads confusion. This is why, right now, we need to do all we can to promote independent journalists and independent information. The independent media in Ukraine are saying that they simply lack the resources to provide accurate, in-depth reporting. 


Beeld & Geluid in Den Haag supports journalists and free press in Ukraine. Order the poster to hang in your window to show your support of journalists and independent media in Ukraine. If you’d like to make a donation instead, you can! Click on the button below.

Free Press Unlimited has been active in supporting independent media in Ukraine for many years. Today, again, they stand in solidarity with the journalists and independent media outlets who defend the right of Ukrainians – and of all citizens in all neighbouring countries – to have access to trustworthy, factual and timely information about the conflict. This is why they have scaled up their aid and support to journalists in danger. 

By supporting our campaign, you help Free Press Unlimited protect, keep safe, and provide journalists with the means to continue providing independent information as best they can. All proceeds benefit this cause.