Measures for events at Sound & Vision in The Hague

Read all about our: entrance and reception, routes and signs, catering, adapted capacity in the rooms and general hygiene measures. You can also read more about rescheduling or canceling your event.


  • There are pillars with disinfecting hand gel in various places.
  • There are also special cleaning wipes available at strategic locations to clean furniture and listening horns for personal use.

How do events run at sound and vision the hague

Entrance and reception

After parking your car or walking from the tram stop at Zeestraat, you will be welcomed at number 82. A host or hostess will welcome you at the door. To avoid unnecessary opening and closing, the front door will remain open as much as possible. 

One side of the reception area is designated for arriving guests and the other side for departing guests. Disinfection dispensers are available at the entrance and various places in the building. You can use them to disinfect your hands. We have sufficient wardrobe racks so all guests can hang up their coats and bags. Our personnel are available to answer any questions and assist you. They have undergone training to deal with the new situation.

Routs and signs

New routes and signs have been placed in our historical building. Visitor flows are separated and the routes are clearly indicated. Clear markings have been placed on the floors throughout the building. These indicate the need to maintain 1.5 metres distance. This applies in the line at the registration desk, coffee point and catering areas where dots are used to indicate the required distance. Information signs at various places in the building and on screens also inform you about the measures that we have taken. 


There’s always time for coffee. We serve coffee, tea and water from our counter. Depending on the group size, multiple serving points will be opened. The staff wear hygienic face masks. We have opted for transparent masks so you can see facial expressions. This improves the interaction with our guests. All staff also wear gloves. To avoid contact, the tables are cleaned after the guests have left the reception area. Signs on the tables urge guests to leave their cups on the table. All snacks and biscuits are pre-packaged. 

We offer tasty lunches in pre-packaged lunch boxes. These are served at the buffets. If you are organising a hybrid event whereby part of the audience is at home or a different location, we will gladly send them lunch boxes. We also offer refreshment boxes, snack boxes and personalised boxes.

Adapted room capacity 

The room layout has been adjusted based on the social distancing (1.5 metre) guidelines. Chairs and tables are placed widely apart. Guests will be accompanied to and from the room, on arrival and departure.  Rooms will be filled row by row so people don’t have to unnecessarily pass each other. Row numbers have been placed on the back of the chairs. We can provide information on the row numbers and seating in advance.

The rooms have a more limited capacity than under normal circumstances. If you would like to reach a wider audience, you could broadcast your event. We can create a hybrid event with an audience in the room and a remote audience.

General hygiene

Disinfection dispensers are available throughout the building. Our personnel will stand guard at the toilets to prevent overcrowding. Soap, paper hand towels and dryers are available. The toilets near the small meeting rooms will not be manned by our staff. However, extra disinfectants are available to clean the door handles.

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Cancelling or rescheduling Meetings & Events

Sound & Vision in The Hague follows the guidelines from the government regarding Meetings & Events. Naturally, we follow the protocol and ensure that everyone in our building can meet safely. There is no ban on meetings like during the intelligent lockdown earlier this year. Business meetings with a maximum of 30 people may and can take place with us safely. Exceptions for larger groups may depend on the type of meeting, the purpose of the meeting and / or the necessity of the meeting. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with the customer and to resolve any concerns.

In the event of cancellation, cancellation costs may apply in connection with costs already incurred at suppliers. We ask for your understanding. In these cases, we are happy to discuss possibilities and strive to move a meeting to a later date. In the event of a relocation, the cancellation costs already calculated will then be used as a deposit on the postponed event.

Questions about Meetings & Events

We are here for our customers. If you have a question regarding a booked meeting or event, please contact us on tel. 070-3307575 or send an email to

We focus on your wishes within the realm of what is possible.