COMM and Sound and Vision enter into a close co-operation

COMM and Sound and Vision enter into a close co-operation On Tuesday 2 July 2019, Sound and Vision and COMM signed an agreement to establish an administrative co-operation.

The importance of communication and the role that the media plays form a logical reason for COMM (Museum for Communication) and Sound and Vision to work closely together. This will give a new impetus at the location of COMM in The Hague and two special and related collections. COMM serves as a location which the public, schools, researchers and media professionals  can access to undertake various activities. 

On Tuesday 2 July 2019, Sound and Vision and COMM signed an agreement to solidify the administrative co-operation between both organisations. The director of Sound and Vision, Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, will take a seat on COMM’s board. Tom De Smet of Sound and Vision will be the managing director. The current director, Adriaan Wagenaar will serve as business director, and deputy director Sarah-Jane Earle will be the head of museum affairs. 

Modernisation process

The co-operation with COMM is part of a revitalisation process by Sound and Vision. This is aimed at contributing towards a more open society, among others. The media archives in Hilversum are the beating heart of Sound and Vision. In The Hague, the centre of democracy, the focus will lie on the press and journalism. For COMM, the co-operation will mean it can continue a number of planned initiatives, under the responsibility of Sound and Vision. This also means the collection will be placed in a broader context. 

The co-operation fits perfectly with Sound and Vision’s merger with the Press Museum (Persmuseum) in May 2017. The partnership between the three institutes provides an integrated approach to highlighting the history and topicality of media, press and journalism.

Sources for stories and programmes

Together with COMM’s employees, we are working hard on a new programme. COMM will serve as a location where the public, schools, researchers and professionals can consult media sources, conduct debates with each other and take workshops, among others. COMM’s collection will be managed in The Hague and serve as a source for both stories and the programme in The Hague and Hilversum. As a result, COMM will have a different function as a museum.  

On 20 July, COMM will the close its doors to individual visitors. The rooms in be building can still be rented for business meetings and events. The museum will introduce its new programme In the autumn of 2019.