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“Great location” 

The COMM helped us host a fantastic event, not in the least due tot he fantastic location and excellent team provided by COMM. Our guests were amazed and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. In addition to the Event hall, we used several rooms in COMM for break-out sessions, each of which was remarkable and unique. COMM’s event manager provided me with more than excellent guidance as we approached the event, taking the time to come up with thoughtful suggestions for our event. If you’re looking for a special location, I would certainly recommend COMM. 

– Anouk Baggerman, Organiser for an event for the Municipality of The Hague – 

“COMM is a hit” 

What a beautiful place! COMM made a great choice when deciding to emphasise the impact of communication and to make the museum an activating, challenging place. The addition of the COMM Club and the introduction of communication training are no less inspired. The entire complex has been tastefully and thoughtfully redeveloped. The members of VNO-NCW The Hague were offered excellent hospitality and enjoyed the museum’s exhibitions, entourage and service. 

– Paul van Delft, Regional Manager at VNO-NCW The Hague – 

“Briefly put: excellent!” 

We look back at a very successful general meeting and fun Christmas drinks. We had a high turnout and only heard positive feedback, about the location and the surprising, delicious catering. Briefly put: excellent! 

– Maarten Schram, Managing Director at IDEA | Independent Dutch Event Association – 

“Everything had been organised perfectly” 

Thanks for fantastic new year’s drinks in the COMM. Everything had been organised perfectly – the unanimous opinion of everyone I talked to, including our board members. An excellent job for which we’d like to thank you again! 

André Manning, Director of LOGEION – 

“A very service-oriented organisation” 

COMM is a very service-oriented organisation that pays a lot of attention to its customers to provide them with optimal service. The option to combine lots of different rooms with a VR diner and the Hack Tour organised by COMM, added to the availability of a wide range of technical equipment, definitely contributed to the success of our meeting. 

– Dineke Overweel, CLC Vecta Centre for Live Communication – 

“Quality and good hospitality are paramount “ 

Working with professionals for whom quality and good hospitality are paramount is always a pleasant experience, and this definitely applies to the people at COMM and Boenk. They’re very good characteristics to have. The location of the museum, the Event room and Newsroom were extremely suitable for our Zuid-Holland conference, because the entire venue exuded a sense of transition, from the lighting to the old phones. Providing a diner pensant to fit the Transition theme of the conference was a great challenge for Boenk, which they managed to tackle with great skill, serving up a delicious menu. The mise en place, decoration and service provided by the chefs all demonstrated a keen eye for detail. 

– Jean-Pierre Schuurmans, Province of Zuid-Holland –