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In the ultramodern, interactive Newsroom, you’ll find an impressive, full-wall screen and an enormous sound system. These features make this room ideal for product launches, kick-off meetings, corporate presentations and press conferences. Would you like people to follow the event online? Let us know and we’ll make it happen! 

This hyper-modern room is the perfect venue for: 

  • Large meetings 
  • Conferences 
  • Press conferences 
  • Product launches 
  • Kick-of meetings 
  • Corporate presentations 
  • Breakout sessions 
  • Other business meetings 

Audiovisual equipment: 

  • 25 sq.m. Vidiwall 
  • Audio amplification 
  • Headset Microphone 
  • BenQ Wireless Presentation


  • capacity up to 140 people
  • 206 m2 capacity

Newsroom Den Haag - Nederland. Groot wandvullend scherm
Newsroom Nederland Groot wandvullend scherm
Newsroom - grootste van Nederland - wandvullend scherm