The colours of concentration

Research has shown that different colours can have a positive or negative impact. Book a meeting room and adjust the colours based on your goals for the meeting or event.

Read all about how colour impacts your focus and energy during meetings

Red – alert and active

The colour red is subconsciously associated with danger and warnings. Think of traffic signs and stoplights for example. A red background creates a higher alertness. This means we are more effective at tasks that require concentration. It’s a great option for an exciting kick-off or a pitch. It’s the colour that motivates.

At Sound & Vision in The Hague we sometimes switch the white chairs in the large rooms with red ones. It makes a difference. However, the colour should not dominate the room.

Productive blue

Think of the colour blue and you tend to think of the sky or water. Thinking about the sky or water creates tranquillity. People tend to be less scared of making mistakes in an environment where the colour blue is present. This results in higher creativity, productivity and a feeling of safety. An ideal colour for sharing knowledge, during a conference or knowledge session for example.

That’s why blue is a much-used colour in offices. Fun fact: blue does not arouse hunger. This is why it’s not useful for restaurants to incorporate lots of blue in their interior. 

Creative orange

Need extra energy before or during a meeting? Then orange is the colour of choice. This bold colour has a positive effect on your perseverance. As long as it’s not used too dominantly, it’s a colour that exudes confidence. 

Calming purple

The colour purple is pleasing to the eye and often associated with wealth, success and wisdom. It’s a great colour if you want to exude a sense of calmness. This colour is associated with wisdom and therefore often used in spaces where deep reflection is needed. A great colour for maintaining focus.

Energetic yellow

The colour yellow gives people energy. This is great if you need a boost. Make sure it’s not too bright because it is tiring for your eyes. Yellow is often applied in accents. Make sure that it does not dominate. For example, a neon-coloured room with lots of frills tends to be distracting.

Relaxed green

Green exudes a sense of health and tranquillity. It gives people room for discussion and respect. A colour that makes people feel heard. It’s effective as green accent in the room or as wall colour. Plants can also be used to improve the air quality on the work floor.

Choose your desired colour at Sound & Vision in The Hague

If desired, we can provide colour lights in meeting rooms to enhance the purpose of the meeting. Organising a one-day brainstorm session? Choose orange. Is it time for a break with a soothing energizer? Choose purple.


Want to gain more from your meeting?

Hire a professional facilitator to create the right flow for your session. Images can influence the deepest connections in the brain, the subconscious. The biggest effect is achieved by projecting images on the big video wall in the Newsroom. This can help to put participants into the right state of mind. For example, to conduct a difficult conversation or if you seek to inspire a maximum amount of creativity.

The facilitator creates a flow in the session that matches the group and process that the participants go through. The facilitator will use a range of techniques to achieve. This can be further achieved through the use of images, furniture and breakout sessions. It creates a different and richer experience than during standard meetings. Participants will feel challenged in a natural and pleasant way.

This approach can be used in various ways during a meeting. Depending on your needs, you can choose a standard workshop or a tailored programme.

For more info, please contact the team at Sound & Vision in The Hague.