About media museum Sound & Vision in The Hague

In our museum you will learn everything about media through games, tests and examples. Do you recognize Fake News? Where are your limits when it comes to humor? And how good are residents of The Hague at attracting attention in the media? You can discover it all at Sound & Vision in The Hague!

News Literacy

When is news reliable d and when is it manipulated? Can you tell the difference between trustworthy stories and deliberately fabricated disinformation? In a digital world, where anyone can post their own story anywhere, it is increasingly difficult to make that distinction. Therefore we promote News Literacy to ensure a world in which you are aware of how news is created and how you can influence the news yourself by sharing stories or films.

Media Scavenger Hunt

We have developed the Media Scavenger Hunt for children from 8 to 12 years old. A fun way to learn about journalism, press freedom and media. Find the answers to the questions and a word will appear. Once you have the right answer, you will receive a small gift!

What do you see, do and experience in the media museum?

1st floor: politicians and journalists and media

You investigate the different roles of citizens, politicians and journalists. For example, you will experience that, under pressure from flashing cameras and questions from journalists, it is a challenge to stick to your story when you give a press conference. And if you have to turn this story into the frontpage of a newspaper, will you choose sensation or truth? How important is the freedom of the press for our journalism? And of course you calculate your BMI (Conscious with Media Index); how media savvy are you?

2nd floor: you turn the controls!

Not only journalists spread news: we are also fully involved! How do you use social media to draw attention to what is important to you? Do you choose to spread a fun meme or do you go to the Malieveld and start your own protest campaign? Find out what choices you have and where your limits of speech lie.

3rd floor: The Hague

Of course we also look at what is happening in our own city of The Hague. How does The Hague get in the news (inter) nationally and locally? And how important is Haagse Humor to be able to give a contrary opinion? Which fellow citizens do you recognize who have a mission in the media?

4th floor: Temporary exhibition

On this floor you will see our temporary exhibition.

In short

At Sound & Vision in The Hague you learn to find your way more consciously in the media landscape. We make you laugh, think and doubt.

Where you dive into the archive at Sound & Vision Hilversum, you don’t see an abundance of objects with us in The Hague. In our media museum you will learn by doing! You will discover what roles journalists, politicians and ourselves have, how you attract attention and how our reality is “colored” by people who do it best.

Our museum is suitable for everyone from 12 years old. There is a special family route for children between 8 and 12 years old!