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Our location is perfectly suited for hybrid events: events with an audience physically present, and events with an audience at distance. We've been doing this for years and certainly during this time we want to draw more attention to it.
Aside from live events you can also organise (partly) online events at Sound & Vision the Hague. Think of webinars, hybrid events, podcasts and press conferences.

With a webinar you can record and stream simultaneously. You can do this with a solely online audience or have a part of your audience physically present. By hosting a hybrid webinar you add an extra dimension to your broadcast which leads to more efficient participation and more reach.


We have all kinds of possibilities for interaction with each participant whether they are clients, staff, stakeholders or press. Everyone with access to wifi can participate, wherever they are, from whatever device they are using. 


All of our larger spaces have the possibility for different settings. From a talk show table, to debate setting or a cozy living room setting. We provide the direction, from cameras to extra screens and of course professional lighting and sound for a dynamic representation of your program. Every studio has its own feel. Our Newsroom even has a video wall which you could include in your program.


A hybrid event is always fully customized, depending on your wishes and goals. The combination of (live) streaming and a live audience is possible in different spaces. You can choose for one or multiple rooms simultaneously. Click below to find the different types of (online) events we offer.


An event with an audience physically and online

A hybrid event is always fully customized, depending on your wishes and goals. The combination of (live) streaming and a live audience is possible in different rooms. You can choose for one or multiple rooms simultaneously. 

When hosting a hybrid event, you have to take the limited places for the offline audience into account  If you want, we could even customize the furniture to comply with all new regulations as safely as possible.

Furthermore, we are happy to think along when it comes to catering and personal communication for all participants, wherever they are.


In our Newsroom, Club or Event room we create a setup according to your wishes. From talk show table to debate setup, standing tables, a counter or living room setting.


Each of our rooms has its own atmosphere. The Club offers a beautiful, characteristic setting with the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club. The Newsroom brings back an industrial character with our impressive 25m2 Video Wall. Perfect to use as a background for your webinar.

If you want more space and the possibility to create your own atmosphere, then the Event Hall is ideal. We work with a selection of furniture suppliers to create a setting in the rooms adapted to the purpose of the broadcast and the wishes of the client. Everything is possible.


Do you want to organize a webinar with a maximum of 2 people on  camera simultaneously? Then Studio Plug & Play is the ideal solution for you. A standard setup has been placed in a space of 60m2 on the first floor. Take a seat behind our desk for a presentation, interview or other two-way conversation.


We always tailor to your individual wishes. After all, the wishes are different for each webinar. How many participants are there in the studio? Do you want to have guests or speakers who call in and join the broadcast that way? Which platform do you want to use and what kind of interaction do you want during the broadcast? These are just a few of the elements that determine a final price.

Of course we think along with you about the best setup and how you can best visualize what you want to show to your participants. We advise and help you throughout the entire process. The form in which we support can also differ. Do you already have experience with webinars and would you like to work with a particular platform and write your own script? That’s possible! On the other hand, if you (like many others) are new to this playing field, we will be happy to help you with the design of technology, the choice and design of a platform and a technical scenario and guidance on the day itself.

Call for a tailor-made quotation with Team Sales & Events, 070-3307575 or mail to


Wist je dat Beeld & Geluid in Den Haag dé plek is voor het geven van een persconferentie? Genereer vanuit ons pand positieve persaandacht, meld een crisis of kondig een belangrijke mededeling aan. 

De flexibele wanden achter de katheder zijn volledig aan te passen aan jouw huisstijl.


A very common setting is the talk show. Put down your own broadcast á la Jinek or Op1. We place a large table for your chairman, host or table lady and the guests. A good place for a discussion or substantive conversation. Of course we can also place a separate setting, for example, a sidekick that provides commentary for the broadcast. Or think of a musical addition by creating a place for a band, guitarist or singer.


Do you want to discuss a current topic and share the opinions of opposing parties with your audience? Then choose a debate setup. We place two high tables opposite each other. The chairman of the day is “in the lead”.

We let everyone stand, precisely to create a lot of dynamism. You can create even more action by using interactive tools on the platform. Let your online audience ask, vote and respond (critical) questions in the chat.


In addition to webinars, we also offer the possibility to record podcasts in a professional studio. The genres and formats of podcasts are now just as diverse as radio and TV programs.

In combination with an event, you could send participants a podcast in addition instead of the aftermovie. The podcast can be a registration of the event, but you can also choose to add extra reflections and comments. Other examples are podcasts around a product launch or a book presentation. Think of interviews with the designers, authors, publishers, producers and consumers.

Click here for a number of examples that we recently recorded in-house.

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