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Welcome to Sound and Vision The Hague. This page includes our mission, the fundament, our objects under the articles of association and


ANBI status.


At Sound and Vision The Hague, we actively unite people in researching and discussing how we live in media. By doing so, we hope to contribute to a free and open society in which mutual understanding, attention, contact, reliability, accessibility, pluriformity and freedom of the press are core values.

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Download the Dutch annual plan of 2021.
Download the English version of the fundament here.

On 2 July 2019, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Stichting Museum voor Communicatie (COMM) signed an agreement to execute COMM’s administrative takeover by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. COMM will continue under the name Sound and Vision The Hague.


The director, Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, of Sound and Vision sits on the board. Tom De Smet is the managing director of Sound and Vision The Hague.

Public benefit organisation (ANBI)

The Stichting Museumfonds Zeestraat 80 has been designated by the tax authorities as a cultural ANBI institution.

This means the museum does not pay gift or inheritance tax on received gifts. For more information on public benefit organisations (ANBI), click here.

Sound and Vision The Hague does not have a profit motive.


Stichting Beeld en Geluid Den Haag
Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD Den Haag
T: 070-3307500

Chamber of Commerce number: 41150927

Two locations, one perspective

Sound and Vision wants to contribute to the interpretation and experience of the importance of freedom of information and media in the broadest sense of the word. The activities in Hilversum and in The Hague are designed from this perspective.

Sound and Vision Hilversum

At the Media Park in Hilversum, visitors experience how we live in media. By showing how media develop and by providing insight in how this affects our lives. We make visitors aware that they are not only consumers, but also producers and influencers. We do this through the museum, education, debates, research and through our growing archive full of radio, television, written press, video content and games. We work intensively with creative media makers and companies that use the archive for a variety of productions.

Sound and Vision The Hague

The Hague, the city where (international) news is made daily, is the place to learn to critically consider political news provision. Together with our audience, we investigate the role media play in our democracy and how they can contribute to an open and free society. Logical and current themes in The Hague as “City of Peace and Justice”. In our museum, the power play between politicians, journalists and interest groups, citizens and media is central. We host exhibitions and debates and we develop workshops. As in Hilversum, we consciously strengthen the ties with media makers, with a special focus on professionals in the journalistic domain.

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Objects under the articles of association

The objects of the foundation are to promote a media-wise, open and free society by providing:

  • a vibrant platform where the present, past and future of communication, journalism and media can be experienced, discussed and interpreted by a broad audience in The Hague and surrounding area;
  • Collecting, managing, researching and providing people with access to objects, media communications and data that represent a collection of national importance in the areas of  communication, journalism and media, and everything that is related to this, including museum objects that are part of the national cultural and industrial heritage, whether or not in ownership, and performing everything that is beneficial to the above-mentioned goals. 
  • The foundation does not have a profit motive through its activities, which are aimed at achieving or promoting its goals.  
  • Stichting Sound and Vision The Hague has the status of a cultural, public benefit organisation (ANBI).