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Sound and Vision The Hague is regularly featured in the press. Scroll down to read the press releases, publications and other media communications. You may also download logos and other visual materials to illustrate your news and other articles.

Press kit opening mediamuseum

On 17 September Alderman Robert van Asten will host the festive opening of the new permanent exhibition of our media museum. Click here for the press release. For interview requests or a sneak preview in the media museum please contact:
Heleen Ririassa
t: +31/6  462 464 26

Visual material like the campaign image, portrait photos, videos and logos are available below. All the material is available royalty-free.

Campaign image

Tom De Smet – Managing Director

Photographer: Pascale van Reijn
The photos are available royalty-free.

Sneak Peek

Frank Evenblij interviews directors about power, big tech, fake news and a brothel. (The video is only available in Dutch)

Street interviews of local residents of The Hague

The museum interviewed a large number of local residents of The Hague to learn about their opinions and views. Watch the summarised versions: (30 seconds). Sharing this content is permitted and most appreciated!

Watch “Do think you can say anything you want?”
Watch “What do you think about journalism in the Netherlands (1)?”
Watch “What do you think about journalism in the Netherlands (2)?”
Watch “What do you think freedom of the press means?”
Watch “Do you follow the news?”
Watch “What is fake news?”
Watch “Have you ever thought: ‘this is framing’’ (with politician, Richard de Mos)
Watch “Do you believe everything that you see and hear in the media?”
Watch “Do you ever engage in activism or protests?”

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Heleen Ririassa
PR, Communicatie and Marketing manager
T +31/6 462 464 26

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