Online collection PostNL

Design has always played an important role in the communications of Dutch Mail (PostNL). Every Dutch person regularly comes into contact with its designs via stamps, letter boxes, company clothes and buildings. The designs are showcased on the website Icons of the Mail. The website aims to promote the company’s focus on quality, customer orientation and innovation.

From mobile post office and stamp to letter box

Through its clever design policy, Dutch Mail (PostNL) played a guiding role in the development of Dutch design and culture climate. The highlights of this special design policy can be found in PostNL’s virtual museum. 

Icons of the mail shows Dutch Mail’s design history in a nutshell. 

(Only available in Dutch)

Former Dutch Mail (PTT)

Do you seek information on people who used to work for Dutch Mail (PTT)? If so, send an email to the National Archives. They manage the archives of former Dutch Mail (PTT). Provide a clear description of what you’re looking for in the subject line.