Auction | War in Ukraine: through the eyes of artists

A unique opportunity to get a unique artwork.

In late February, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. From April to June, Sound & Vision in The Hague devoted a temporary mini-exhibition to the war. Under the title War in Ukraine: through the eyes of artists, drawings by Ukrainian artists were collected that refer to the first days of the war. These works will be auctioned on Thursday 14 July. The proceeds will be used to support artists and volunteers in Ukraine.

All interested parties are welcome at this auction. Register in advance via this link. Below is an overview of the works that will be auctioned. The drawings to be auctioned are in large format (A2) on forex material, so these works of art are an impressive addition to any interior. 

It is possible to bid on the works prior to the auction. Do this by clicking the button below the relevant work. A bid can be submitted via the e-mail address. The minimum price for each work is €100. The entire proceeds of the auction will be donated to UAComix, the collective of Ukrainian artists who created the works below. UAComix pays royalties to the artists with the money and also donates to the Ukrainian armed forces. More information about the publisher’s commitment to the artists and the struggle for Ukraine’s independence can be found on the UAComix Facebook page.

1. Vira Kordoba ‘All that keeps on going’
2. Vira Kordoba ‘Building Ukraine together’
3. Andriy Dyakiv ‘Sin eater’
4. Yarko Filevych ‘Protection’
5. Dartsya Zironka ‘Ukraine’
6. Kostas Pantoulas ‘Ukraine’
7. Missa Tan ‘Ukraine’
8. Maksym Solntsev ‘Volunteering’
9. Maksym Solntsev ‘The power of ancestors’
10. Vira Kordoba ‘No war in Ukraine’
11. Vira Kordoba ‘Ukraine under fire’
12. Zakhar Polishchuk ‘Mariupol – A drama we will nog forget’
13 Vira Kordoba ‘kids’

14 Jul '22
Sound & Vision in The Hague
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