Opening | Framing the War

Visit the opening program of the new exhibition Framing the War.
The latest temporary exhibition of Sound & Vision will be opened on Thursday the 14th of July: Framing the War. The opening program includes an introduction, panel discussion, auction, mini-documentaries and, of course, access to the new exhibition. Register for free to attend the opening.

Framing the War portrays the first hundred days of the war through the lens of international news photographers and through the pen of international cartoonists. The documentary photography and satirical cartoons combined to paint a unique picture of the conflict. They invite you as a visitor to take a critical look at coverage of the war: what do I know and what do I see, and how important and how influential are the makers of the images? The opening broadens and deepens these questions.


4.30 pm: Walk-in
5.00 pm: Introduction by Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, director of Sound & Vision (in Dutch)
5.30 pm: Visit the exhibition and auction* (in Dutch)
7.00 pm: Screening of a short documentary (in Dutch)
7.30 pm: Panel discussion on war reporting (in English), among others with Jantine van Herwijnen (Free Press Unlimited) and Ruslana Koropetska (Ukrainian cartoon publisher UAComix)
8.30 pm: End of program

*During the opening there will be an auction of unique works by artists associated with the Ukrainian publishing house UAComix. The works can already be viewed via this link and you can make an offer in advance if you wish. All proceeds will benefit the artists and their support for the fight in Ukraine.

Attend the opening

The opening program of Framing the War is free to attend. Register in advance via the link below.

14 Jul '22
Sound & Vision the Hague