Museumnacht Den Haag

Our media museum will participate in the ‘corona proof’ edition of Museumnacht Den Haag.

Our brand new media museum will participate in Museumnacht Den Haag on 10-10-2020.

We are happy to announce that we will participate in a ‘corona proof’ version of Museumnacht Den Haag. Somewhat different than previous editions. This year you buy tickets for a special route. A route consists of approximately four of our participants. You can therefore discover the museums, yet safely at a distance from other visitors. All this after closing time with an extra program makes it unique and exclusive again. So quickly click on that yellow ticket button at the top right to buy some tickets for MNDH. This website will provide you with all the information about this awesome night full of art and culture.

On this page we will share the programme.

About Sound & Vision in The Hague

The media? We are all part of it. Like it or not, we are all consumers, users, participants, content creators or the subjects of the media. Journalists, the media, the authorities and we ourselves are all part of a constant power play for attention. This game is both interesting and complex. Does everyone play by the rules? What exactly are the rules and who makes them?

Our Media Museum focuses on this interplay of forces. Visit us and discover your views … and your own role.

In addition to many examples and explanations about the operation of national and international media, you will also learn by doing. You investigate the different roles of citizens, politicians and journalists. What interests are there and how do you make the best choices? For example, you can see how the news about corona was brought out by various media. You take on the role of an editor-in-chief to experience the complexity of creating the perfect front page. You will discover that the truth is sometimes difficult to recognize in the Fake News quiz. Not only journalists, newspapers and TV spread news these days: we as citizens also participate fully in news distribution! Citizens make their voices heard and can thus play an active role in our democracy. How do you use social media to draw attention to what is important to you; do you choose to spread a playful même or do you go to the Malieveld and start your own protest campaign? THE HAGUE Of course we also look at what is happening in our own city of The Hague. How is The Hague brought (inter) nationally in the news? And how important is Haagse Humor (The Hague Humor) to be able to give a counter-opinion?

10 Oct '20
Beeld & Geluid in Den Haag