Exhibition European Cartoon Award 2022

The best editorial cartoons of the year

Averse to conventions, challenging, creative, and playful, cartoons are the hallmark of an open European society and an indispensable part of the public debate. Through the universal language of images, cartoonists transcend borders and hold up a mirror, showing us what works and what does not work in the world. 

This exhibition showcases the 40 cartoons selected for the European Cartoon Award 2022 Longlist, offering one of the highest-quality selections of editorial cartoons from all over Europe. With their powerful imagery, the cartoons on display prompt reflection on this year’s most important issues, such as the Ukraine invasion, the Taliban rule, women’s rights, the abortion rights controversy, and much more.

The European Cartoon Award was founded by the European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht in 2019, to encourage cartoonists in their essential work for freedom of expression. For more information on the ECA, visit: www.europeancartoonaward.com.

13 Jan '23 - 21 Feb '23
Beeld & Geluid in Den Haag
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