Cartooning For #PressFreedom

In honour of the World Press Freedom Conference (WPFC 2020) the Sound and Vision Media Museum in The Hague will open the temporary exhibition ‘Cartooning for #PressFreedom.

About the exhibition

The exhibition consists of cartoons which were selected from the World Press Freedom Cartoon Competition and cartoons by established cartoonists. The theme of the cartoons is ‘Journalism without fear or favour’. The museum has also added some (historic) cartoons with the same theme from its own collection. The exhibition shows how cartoonists view freedom of the press and how they deal with censorship.

Available languages: Any texts appearing in the exhibition will be shown in both English and Dutch
Date: The exhibition will be opened from Tuesday 8 December 2020 to 23 June 2021.
Tickets: The exhibition is included in the museumticket

World Press Freedom Cartoon Competition

In connection with WPFC 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with UNESCO, Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace organised an international cartoon competition, with the theme ‘Journalism without fear or favour’. A panel of renowned cartoonists selected 10 winners. The winning cartoons will be shown both physically (at Sound and Vision Media Museum in The Hague) and digitally (via the online platform of the conference). For more information on the WPFC 2020 please refer to the website of the WPFC 2020.

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ – Keyvan Varesi

Winner of the competition

Winning cartoon Keyvan Varesi Iran press freedom Unesco
Keyvan Varesi – ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors (Iran)

The cartoon that won over all the other competitors is made by Keyvan Varesi with his cartoon ‘Rock, paper, scissors’. The Iranian artist explains that he replaced the rock with social media, because it is the most powerful of the three. The scissors refer to censorship. The Iranian ambassador thanked Keyvan for his work and requested him to uphold ‘the Power of the Pen’: “This is more important now than it was ever before”.

8 Dec '20 - 23 Jun '21
Sound and Vision Mediamuseum The Hague
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