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Sound & Vision in The Hague

At Sound & Vision in The Hague you’ll learn all about the news. How is the news made? How is it spread, and who decides what you get to see? After visiting the museum, you’ll understand how the news shapes the way you see the world, and you’ll know the impact you can have when you share stories.


Meetings & Events

At Sound & Vision in The Hague we created 12 inspiring rooms that are more than just walls, tables and chairs. We have everything you need for impactful meetings and successful (cultural) gatherings. From a state-of-the-art Newsroom to a vibrant, historic Event Hall. Our versatile spaces are the perfect backdrop for any event.


Our hands-on workshops are designed to help your students develop news literacy skills and tools. The programme is available for primary schools (groups 6-8), secondary schools and MBO/HBO students. Learn all about fake news, influencers, satire and more!


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