Hague Talks

English event - How can we all contribute to making a European Identity?

As Germany enters a new post-Merkel era with several challenges facing EU cohesion, HagueTalks investigates the notion of a European identity. The past decade has seen several challenges to the idea of “Europe”, with uncertainty growing on whether there is more shared by Europeans than is held apart.

Are we seeing the development of a European identity? If so, in what ways can this be seen? How do this look from the outside, and do we really want this anyway?

Alderman for the Hague, Robert van Asten, will kick-off the event, opening the discussion on what it really means to be European.


Amir Maniee is a translator and blogger, forced to leave his native Iran due to his religious and political beliefs. A true bibliophile and former academic, Amir is enrolled at Leiden University’s IncLUsion program, and is a passionate believer in rationality and free-thinking. Amir provides his own personal perspective as an emigré on the importance of these beliefs in the foundations of European identity.

More speakers will be announced soon.

Event moderator is Connor Sattely, a social entrepreneur, startup addict, and occasional that-guy-you-see-under-the-bridge saxophone player. His entrepreneurial journey started by co-founding Swiss startup GovFaces, which was the overall winner at the European Youth Awards in 2014 and he worked with over 100 startups since then.

This event is organised by the Municipality of The Hague and Beeld & Geluid, alongside the HagueTalks Youth Board. The HagueTalks Youth Board is a group representing young and engaged members of society. All based in the Hague, they assist in organising events to help foster growing interest in HagueTalks and ideas concerning peace and justice.

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Join this online dialogue on HagueTalks YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/user/haguetalks

16:00 – 17:30 CET (Amsterdam)

10 dec '21